How to raise your salary?

 There are several ways you can try to raise your salary quickly:

Negotiate a raise: If you feel that you have been delivering exceptional work and have taken on additional responsibilities, you can ask for a raise during your performance review or schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss it.

Look for a new job: You can explore job opportunities with higher salaries and negotiate your salary during the interview process.

Seek additional qualifications: Pursuing additional education or obtaining professional certifications can make you more valuable to your employer and potentially lead to a salary increase.

Take on freelance work: You can take on freelance or part-time work to supplement your income.

Start a side business: You can start a side business that generates additional income, which can eventually lead to a full-time career and higher earnings.

Remember that while these strategies can potentially lead to a quick increase in salary, they may not be guaranteed and require effort and dedication on your part.